Tracks to nowhere

Wall of Wanders

Tracks to nowhere

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Ulva Island is a refugium for the most famous animal in New Zealand. The Kiwi. Its a birds paradise with hundreds of birds flying around in this protected part of Southern New Zealand. To spot a Kiwi you have to be very patient and quiet. You can see them slowly walking through the bushes, keeping their distance to the tracks. On the Nortnern beach I found this wooden tracks leading into the water.

New Zealand, Ulva Island

Each panorama photo will be delivered on a premium aluminium panel. The glossy acrylic finishing creates an extra colorful and brilliant look.

Available in four different sizes
Mosaic: 4 x 12 inch / 10 x 30 cm
Classic: 8 x 24 inch / 20 x 60 cm
Panoramic: 12 x 36 inch / 30 x 90 cm 
Canvas: 23 x 47 inch / 60 x 120 cm