The Shipwreck in the Sand

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The Shipwreck in the Sand

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This is the first shipwreck I have seen on a beach and I was deeply fascinated by it. The colors of the metal, the Sea and the Sand create a canvas of red, green, blue and so many other colors. Every wave is bringing a little more sand so the wreck is slowly sinking into the beach.

Australia, Fraser Island (K’gari)

P.S. The story of the Ship Maheno can be read here


Each panorama photo will be delivered on a premium aluminium panel. The glossy acrylic finishing creates an extra colorful and brilliant look.

Available in four different sizes
Mosaic: 4 x 12 inch / 10 x 30 cm
Classic: 8 x 24 inch / 20 x 60 cm
Panoramic: 12 x 36 inch / 30 x 90 cm 
Canvas: 23 x 47 inch / 60 x 120 cm