Jurassic Forest

Wall of Wanders

Jurassic Forest

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When the people told me about this. I couldn't believe it. A forest from the Jurassic Period protected by lava mud at the coastline of Southern New Zealand. I came there at low tide and could walk between the logs and stumps a million years old. And with the water slowly coming in everything vanishes in front of my eyes. Just to back a few hours later. ("Every breaking wave on the shore ...")

New Zealand, Curio Bay

Each panorama photo will be delivered on a premium aluminium panel. The glossy acrylic finishing creates an extra colorful and brilliant look.

Available in four different sizes
Mosaic: 4 x 12 inch / 10 x 30 cm
Classic: 8 x 24 inch / 20 x 60 cm
Panoramic: 12 x 36 inch / 30 x 90 cm 
Canvas: 23 x 47 inch / 60 x 120 cm