Aliens from the Sea

Wall of Wanders

Aliens from the Sea

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I had to look twice to understand what I was seeing. The tide moved these water plants as if they were a lifeform from outer space. It was like they were dancing in the water. It is difficult to explain but the continuous and repeating movement of Nature just had something comforting.

New Zealand, Petrified Forest from the Jurassic Period

P.S. I have a slow mo video of this which I send to anyone who likes this motive or writes a review

Each panorama photo will be delivered on a premium aluminium panel. The glossy acrylic finishing creates an extra colorful and brilliant look.

Available in four different sizes
Mosaic: 4 x 12 inch / 10 x 30 cm
Classic: 8 x 24 inch / 20 x 60 cm
Panoramic: 12 x 36 inch / 30 x 90 cm 
Canvas: 23 x 47 inch / 60 x 120 cm